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You don't have to go through it alone.

Topics like miscarriage, struggling with infertility, infant loss, and abortion are unfortunately not talked about in our culture. Most people process these losses with little support because we are not generally equipped with the tools to grieve together.

Often times, women only find out their closest friends or family members have experienced a miscarriage after they share about their own. It is such a sensitive thing to share and often met with "Well, now you know you can get pregnant!", which can be equally as crushing.

My services here are to offer you space to grieve and process your loss with a trained professional experienced in this field.

When you are drowning in grief, shame, anger, confusion, or hopelessness, I am here to keep you afloat.


Ways I support


Loss can occur at various stages. These ceromonies,  taught to me by indigenous midwives in Ecuador with Wombs of the World, are about consciously and subconsciously releasing the sadness and giving the child back to Mother Earth. Many spiritual schools of thought believe that if a child doesn't make it earthside it is because God/Spirit/Pachama wanted to keep it close.

This ceremony acknowledges and beautifully lets go. 


There are many ways to go about making a baby these days. And some methods take an incredible toll on the body and mind. My doula services here are to support you as you go through this process. I will become someone on your team that will pamper you and supports you as you fill your body with new hormones.

For example, if you choose IVF, I will come to your house and cook for you, massage your feet, neck and shoulders, cue up movies, listen, and help you relax as your body works hard.


Choosing an abortion or needing to terminate a pregnancy for medical reasons is often one of the hardest decisions a person will ever make. 

In this space, I can either go with you to your appointment, be your safe ride and/or confidant, or spend the day at home with you as your body releases. I will cook for you, spoil you, listen to you, process with you, and advise you on how to replenish your body from the change in hormones.

I fully respect your choice and wish to support you every step of the way. 

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